Why Use the dr.fone Erase?

There is no telling when identity thieves may attempt to attack you. To help keep you safe, you can use dr.fone to erase your important data. It is an effective tool that is very easy to use.

With the rise of technology, bad people have also become technologically advanced. They have learned new ways to take advantage of innocent people. If you do not want to be a victim, you can take some precautionary steps to help keep you safe.

dr.fone is a guaranteed way to secure all your data. Every time you input something on your devices, you are at risk of someone stealing that information. These are supposed to be private. Do not let other people use your own identity against you.

Key Features:

  • Very simple process
  • You manually choose the data you want to erase
  • All your chosen data will be deleted forever
  • No one can ever gain access or recover your data once it is all deleted
  • You can erase the whole phone or just your important personal data

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Everything is Erasable

You do not have to be afraid of technology. We do not have to be always hesitant when we have to input some information on our devices. When you enter your data, you can still erase them afterward. Identity thieves can only victimize those who do not take the necessary precautions.

The dr.fone data eraser will scan your data so you can choose which ones to delete. With just one click, you can erase all or only the selected data you chose. You can rest assured that everything or whichever ones you choose are completely erased.

Supported File Types:

Contacts, Photos, Messages, Calendar, Call history, Reminder, Notes, Safari's Bookmark and others.


Erase Any Kinds of Privacy on Your iPhone or iPad

The dr.fone data eraser for iOS can wipe everything or just some of your personal data. You can erase important private information like emails, passwords and logins, and bank and card information. You can also delete personal data like messages, photos, contacts, call history, reminders, Safari bookmarks, and notes.

If you plan on selling or giving away your used devices, be sure to completely erase it first. Using dr.fone will 100% guarantee you that you will not be handing away all your personal data to other people.


Clean and Speed Up Your iOS Devices

If you check your iPhone or iPad thoroughly, you might be surprised to find files that seem useless or just taking up space. These may be the photos that are blurred or have duplicates, messages, contacts, or notes. You need to assign these files to the trash bin so you can get the extra space back and replace them with more important files.

Furthermore, cleaning up your iOS devices not only gets rid of the clutter but also makes your devices properly working. With nothing to drag them down, your devices will increase its speed and make it work more efficiently. This will give you more reasons to enjoy your iPhones or iPads.


Compress Photos on Your iOS Devices Without Losing Quality

Using dr.fone software, you can compress the pictures and images on your iPhone or iPad devices easily without losing the quality. When you take pictures using your device, these photos take up space which can mean that you need to buy extra storage space. Also, your device could perform poorly with so many photos taking up space.

One good way to remedy this type of situation is to compress your photos. This way, the photos are still intact, meaning, they are not deleted and you can easily access them anytime you like. Compressing them will give you more space, plus, it won't cause your device to become sluggish and behave slowly.

Compressing your photos will make them take up a smaller space without losing any of their qualities. This is highly recommended to increase the speed of your device without losing any of your precious pictures.


Why Choose dr.fone Erase

These are where we usually input our private information on. Not just ours but also other people, like our friends and family, may also have a little bit of data through your phone. It is better to not be the cause of problems for yourself and your loved ones.

There is just no excuse when it comes to safety. Even in an advanced world, crime manages always to find itself evolving. Thankfully, there are also advanced methods to protect ourselves. We do not have to keep being hesitant about trying new technology. We have to embrace it and learn how to keep ourselves safe.

dr.fone can help with the protection we need. It is a secure way to erase all our personal information and keep it from being recovered by other people. It is very simple to use, and anyone can easily understand how it works. If you want to keep your identity safe, before you sell or give away your old devices, make sure to erase it with dr.fone completely.

Completely Safe

Completely Safe

All of your data is 100% secure
Simple and easy to use

Simple Process

There are only three steps in wiping data, so it is very easy.
Files are 100% unrecoverable

No Trace

Everything you have erased will never be recovered.

dr.fone's Guarantee:

The manufacturer of dr.fone - Erase (Android) software, Wondershare is committed to serving their more than 50 million customers with software that can help them enjoy their Android devices more. For more than 13 years, they have come to be known as providers of some of the best mobile tools to help you solve the most common and frustrating issues with your Android or iOS devices. dr.fone guarantees the following for their customers:


Use With Baby Steps

Simple, fast, and effective.

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