dr.fone Root

Rooting your Android device can provide you with so many exciting benefits. dr.fone - Android Root is an amazing tool that lets you root your Android device. The best part is, it is totally free! You can experience all that your device can offer you, it is like getting a new phone.

Key Features:

  • Simple, one-click process
  • Compatible with over 7,000 devices
  • Highest success rate in the industry
  • 100% safe and secure
  • It's free

Free Download (Windows) Free Download (Mac)

What to Look for When Buying a Root Software

Fast Results

One of the main things you should look for when buying a software to root your Android phone is how fast the results are. Choose a software that won't take too much of your time so you can enjoy your rooted Android device in just a few minutes from the start of the operation.

Safe and Secure

Your safety and security should not be compromised when using a root software for your Android device. Go for a software that will keep your data and other information safe and secure. Your software must give you the assurance that your data will not be leaked or fall into the hands of scammers.

Easy to Use

Rooting your Android phone can be risky, but when you use the right software, rooting is simple and easy. Find a software that will let you do the process with easy and straightforward instructions.

Multiple Phone Compatibility

dr.fone - Root software can be used on almost all Android devices. These are the more popular mobile brands that are supported by this software: Google, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, LG, OPPO, ZTE or any other models! No matter your device is provided by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile. Dr.fone is the must-have program you need to run your mobile phone at 100%.


1What is Rooting?
Rooting is the process of giving the user privileged access to the Android device. When you take your new Android phone out of the box, it has pre-installed settings that the manufacturer will not let you tweak. When you root your device, you can get over the limitations that were put on the device by the carriers and hardware manufacturers themselves.
2What are the benefits of rooting your device?
When your device is rooted, you can install a custom ROM that makes your old device behave like a new one software-wise. You can have access to more powerful apps, get rid of bloatware, gain access to the latest but unofficial OS updates, and many others.
3Will rooting my Android void my device's warranty?
Yes, rooting your device will void any warranty you are covered with. Manufacturers will not cover any damage caused by rooting.
4What is the success rate of an Android Root?
The success rate of rooting an Android phone depends on who is doing it. Some people with 'expert' knowledge can root a device with 100% success rate while others are not able to do it after several attempts.
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