dr.fone Transfer (Android)

Technology is fast improving, and usually, your Android phone seems to get old and tiresome as compared to newer models in just a matter of months. One of the biggest concerns most Android users have when getting an upgrade is the files that are on their old phones. Moving all those data can be quite a challenging task, but do not let this prevent you from getting the latest version of your favorite Android phone.

Getting a new phone is an exciting experience so, in situations like this, it is a good idea to get the help of dr.fone - Transfer (Android). This software is your smart solution for transferring all the files on your old Android phone to your new one. Let us take a closer look at this amazing software and its many features and how it can help you.

Key Features:

  • Simple file transfer from Android to computer
  • Easy transfer of iTunes to Android and vice versa
  • Lets you manage your files on a computer
  • Fully compatible with Android 8.0
  • 100% secure and safe

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A Smart Android Phone Data Transfer Software

With dr.fone - Transfer (Android), you can do the following transfers:

Transfer From/To:

1. iTunes <=> Android device

2. Computer <=> Android device

3. Android <=> Android device

Supported File Types:

Playlist, Videos, Photos, Messages, Contacts, Podcasts, Apps, and others.

Transfer Contacts & Messages Easily

dr.fone - Transfer (Android) not only transfers your photos but your messages and contacts as well.

Keep Your Memories Alive

dr.fone - Transfer (Android) will help you keep the memories alive by saving them so you can easily view them whenever you want without the fear of losing them forever.

Transfer Photos and Videos

This software lets you transfer your most cherished photos from your Android devices to your computer.

Transfer Music

Transferring your favorite music from your Android device to your iTunes account or your desktop computers has never been this easy with dr.fone.

Manage Media Data

dr.fone allows you to manage all your files on your computer simply and easily. You can add, export, or delete your files and documents with just a few clicks.

File Explorer

This software uses a powerful file explorer that lets you do the following:

1. Completely access your Android device using the Disk Mode feature

2. Create a backup file of the directories from your Android device to a computer

3. Displays a preview of all the files and folders on your device and choose what you want to transfer

App Management

This is an easy and convenient way to manage your apps.

1. Backs up your apps from your Android to a computer with just one click

2. Installs and uninstalls the apps on your Android device in batches

3. Deletes pre-installed apps or bloatware from your Android device

Use With Baby Steps

Simple, fast, and effective.

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