Do you have problem with your Mac device’s speed and performance? Slow performance happens because the main drive of your Mac builds up all types of files that lead to slow performance, particularly the most recent Mac OS version that needs more storage space as well as higher Random Access Memory.

But for the most part, why your Mac is running slow is due to different reasons. So, what you want to do is tune it up using a speed up software. You can either do some quick search in the Apple Support Community and you might get some optimization hacks in here.

But if you don’t want to waste your time researching on your own, then good thing because in this review we will list the best Mac speed up software to help you with your Mac performance issues.

So with that being said, let’s get right into it!

Quick Summary

If you don’t have the time to go through the entire article, then no worries because we’ve prepared a quick summary of what the best Mac speed up software in this list can do.

Get the CLEANMYMAC software if your Mac is slow due to the fact that your startup disk is almost full. This speed up software allows you to perform a fast scan and get rid of those unnecessary files and system junk.

On the other hand, the IOBIT MACBOOSTER is perfect for those new Mac users that are not really tech-savvy. Aside from being easy to utilize, the IOBIT MACBOOSTER is a one-stop Mac maintenance utility that can effectively safeguard and optimize your Mac.

If you just changed to a Mac device from a PC and prefer easy to use software, then the CCLEANER Pro is your perfect pick. This software is available for both Windows and MAC OS. You can also opt to Stellar SPEEDUP Mac since it all begins with one-click to scan and fix all discovered Mac problems.

Now, if the details in this quick summary didn’t suffice your questions and want a more elaborated description, then please proceed in the following sections.

Safe to Download and Use

First of all, keep in mind that all the featured software that we will discuss below is all safe to download and use, which means that they are free of any malware or harmful threats.

Moreover, all of them come with clear instructions, sleek and user-friendly interfaces. Lastly, we selected theme because they provide a dedicated support team that excellent takes customer questions.

Stellar SPEEDUP Mac

The Stellar SPEEDUP Mac specializes in Mac tune-up. This speed up software can increase the performance of your Mac device by up to 25%. Moreover, it is Mac performance software that aims to be one of the top performing speeds up software.

It is well-structured with clean text instructions and user-friendly interfaces. It is easy to use, and all you need to perform is click the “SPEEDUP Now” button found in the center and choose the “Recommended Scan” to proceed.

Stellar SPEEDUP Mac then displays you a number of files that are recommended to be deleted. Keep in mind that within the software, such action is called SPEEDUP Now. Of course, we notice that this is quite confusing since cleaning Mac junk files is one thing, and the speeding up is another thing. But overall, it is pretty self-explanatory. (Source)


The CCLEANER Pro specializes in cross-platform cleaning.  If you just switched to Mac from PC, you’ve most likely used CCLEANER when you were still using a PC. This software is a prominent utility and its maker claimed that it had actually reached millions of downloads.

CCLEANER Pro is a speed up software that is loved by many Mac and PC users out there. It is definitely one of the best optimizer software for cleaning both Mac and PC. In fact, AVAST is looking to replicate the success of CCLEANER in the Mac market especially because of its efficient scanning and cleaning of your device.  (Source)

When it comes to the premium version of this software, it offers premium support, automatic updates, as well as real-time monitoring.


If you’re looking for a speed up software that primarily focuses on Mac Maintenance, then the IOBIT MACBOOSTER is for you. Because of this software’s all-in-one concept, it is different from many Mac optimization program out there.

See, you will rarely witness how one piece of program can do a lot of things effectively such as optimizing Mac startup times, cleaning Mac disk drive, and protecting your Mac device from malware and virus, and many more. For the most part, this software wants you to position the program as a one-stop maintenance utility for a Mac device.

Main Interface

After you install and operate the software, its main interface will display System Status: Unknown. What you want to do from here on is to click the Scan button, and within a matter of seconds you will see an overview report elaborating the problems with your Mac device’s system.

But we need to specify that the program over exaggerates the seriousness of particular issues. For instance, it can detect 5761 problems under Privacy Protection. However, those issues turned out to be actual browsing histories that are pretty much fine to keep.

Very Effective Optimizer

Nonetheless, we still think that the IOBIT MACBOOSTER is very good software. Additionally, many users out there like this software’s Duplicate Finder feature that can aid users to spot a huge number of duplicate and similar junks that are essentially safe to get rid of, and ultimately can save you a lot of space.

Furthermore, the IOBIT MACBOOSTER comes with excellent features such as Uninstaller, Photo Sweeper, and many more. Overall, this software is the most comprehensive Mac maintenance software you can use to keep your Mac fast and safe.


The CLEANMYMAC X is the best mac speed up software in this list, that’s why it is in our number one spot. You see, many latest Mac devices today particularly Macbooks are now incorporated with small-volume flash storage that starts from 256 gigabytes, which only implies that your Mac can fill up pretty fast, and thus lead to slow performance eventually.

Fast Optimization

So what you want to do is simply clean up your Mac drive. However, it’s not that easy as it may sound. Usually it can take long period of time just to find out what files are taking up a lot of space from your disk space.

But that’s not the case with CLEANMYMAC. This speed up software is a smart program that is engineered and designed by MACPAW that want to help you make your life much easier. Users can utilize this software to effortlessly free up some storage space in just a couple of clicks.

For instance, it scan and remove system/Photo Junk/iTunes, it also get rids of unnecessary 3rd party programs, and identify large old files that are generally safe to eliminate.

Maintenance Module

One of the favorite features of this software is its Maintenance module, which offers seven beneficial tools that aid to solve different common Mac problems which include flush DNS cache, repair disk permissions, verify startup disk, and speed up Mail. Such tasks are normally for power users; however, CLEANMYMAC makes it very easy for regular users out there.

Furthermore, this software comes with a myriad of helpful tools within the application, and it is up to you to whether to use them or not. But overall, we believe that this software is the best Mac speed up software today and we highly suggest it to many Mac users out there.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the best Mac speed up software that we have tested and proved to be excellent when it comes to optimizing your Mac. Just know what your needs are and see if any of them is best suited for your needs.

But rest assured that all of them provide great features and convenience. How about you? Did you try any of the tools we mentioned above? If so, what’s your experience about them?

Please leave any comment down below so we can help the community. Cheers!

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